Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hush Little Baby......

Hush Little Baby

"Hush little Baby don't say a word,
playing at 4am is just absurd
please my little darling go to sleep
your poor exhausted mummy is about to weep
Daddy's sleeping soundly and that's not cool
I've got to be up in 3 hours to take your sisters to school
its 5 o clock sweetie and your wide awake
close your eyes Bubba for goodness sake
half an hour later and look at that smile
yes you are funny now please sleep for a while
its now 6am lets give a bottle a try
to settle you back down so I dont start to cry
past your sisters room with your milk I creep
OH MY GOD your kidding me...your fast asleep!"

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Super market Super Mum!

The Super market Super Mum....

So I am walking around Asda in my usual trance like state, having absolutely no idea why I am there and what it is I have got to remember to buy, when I hear...

"Now Sweetie are we making a good choice right now..?"

followed by a very loud and rather agitated 


I turn around to see a little girl of maybe 3 or 4 years old, chocolate in hand running down the aisle, this scene as I'm sure you are aware is quite typical in any supermarket, where a little one wants something he or she is not allowed and is not happy with their parents response. I would have found it funny if not for the face of Her mummy which was completely serene, refreshed and shockingly cheerful. The battle went on for a fair while with mum remaining completely calm whilst retreiving her daughter at lease 12 times and explaining why the chocolate was not a good choice, whilst her two older sons were bickering amoung themselves oblivious to said battle.

Im sure you are wondering where this is going and why it bothered me so much..I shall explain..

When I take the Children shopping, usually the older two, aged ten and eleven, I am a walking time bomb of stress and anxiety before I even step foot in the shop.
I know I am going to have to say the words "No" and "not today" at least a hundred times before we are even half way round. There will be arguments over who pushes the trolley, who picks up the groceries and finally who empties the trolley and packs the bags. Not only will I be ready to combust by the time we are finished but the task will take at least tripple the time and I will have forgotten half the things I went in for. 
In my head I will have screamed a million times, envisaged leaving them down the biscuits Aisle and running for the hills as fast as my exhausted legs will carry me and eventually wishing I could just sit on the floor and rock back and forth!!

So when I say it bothered me to see calm and cheerful mum dealing with her three children and not looking like she wanted to run and hide I am slightly understating it.

How was she not losing the will to live, and if she is why did she not look it?? 

It got me wondering is it just me?
You see after I have done the school runs, cleaned the house only for it to be trashed 10 minutes after children come home, completed 3 loads of washing with the dreaded feeling that the machine will once again be full by bedtime on top of doing the shopping and getting home for the bedtime routine I am and very much look knackered!!!!!

As much as I have the up most respect and awe for the supermarket Supermum and I have to say Well Done to you Lady!! I have to admit she made me feel extremely inadequate.
If I had had the energy I would have asked her what the secret was, instead I continued dragging my sorry state of a body around the shop, thankful that my three 'Angels' were at home!!! 

.....and yes I still forgot milk and baby wipes!!!